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John's Talkin': Week 5

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1. I don't really have a preference between Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Bradley Beal. But, I definitely think only one of them will be available at 4 and the Cavaliers should simply select whichever one is there. They're rated higher than the other players in the Draft so since it is guaranteed that one of them will be there I don't want the Cavaliers to consider any other players if they stay at four.

2. I don't see anyone such as Harrison Barnes or Andre Drummond jumping ahead of these guys so I'm not in a position where I have to make a pick. I'd like to see the Cavs just snag up the guy who is passed on by Charlotte and Washington.

3. Let's Go Thunder!

4. The Eastern Conference was truly a disaster this year. It never happens this way, but Oklahoma City and Miami seem poised to reign as top contenders to win their respective conferences for the next 4-5 years. The teams who are going to truly challenge them and develop rivalries with them are still building and have yet to quite emerge. It is going to be exciting to see who crashes their parties because both are going to have enormous pressure the next couple years.

5. What a disappointing performance by the Dutch yesterday against Denmark. They have such a collection of stars but they need to play better together otherwise they'll be eliminated by Germany in their next game. My tournament runner up is truly in danger of being eliminated very soon.

6. I don't have Spain getting out of the group stages of Euro 2012. And their demise will start with a loss to eventual tourney champion Italy today.

7. My prediction for the NBA Finals if Oklahoma City in 7. But, I'm known to absolutely always give the Heat way more credit than they deserve. If you notice this is the Finals pick that most of the FTS writers had before the season started. Well done!

8. I am truly amazed how Boston won 11 playoff games. It was a nice run, but they had no business getting quite that far.

9. Vote Kipnis and Cabrera for the All-Star Game.