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NBA Rumors: Cleveland and Portland Discussing Draft Pick Swap


I saw that there was a FanShot about this, but I figured it's a big enough rumor to make into a full-sized post. According to Alex Kennedy from HoopsWorld, the Cavaliers and Trailblazers are discussing a swap of draft picks.


As you can see, the trade would have the Cavaliers sending the 4th and 24th selections in the draft to Portland for the 6th and 11th picks. On the surface, this looks like an absolute steal for the Cavs. And it might be. My best guess at why this trade would go down is that the Cavaliers are not in love with anybody in the top-4 or feel that they can get their guy with the 6th pick. For example, if Cleveland really is as interested in Harrison Barnes as some rumors have made it sound, they can probably still get Barnes with the 6th pick. Therefore, they would be wise to trade down and try to get some better assets along the way.

Now, why would Portland give up the 11th pick just to move up two spots? That's a good question. Personally, I doubt that they would. But if they really like someone (they have been rumored to be linked to Andre Drummond) and that's the only guy that they want with that pick, then they should move up and get him. There's no guarantees that Drummond falls to six and if he really is their guy and he's gone before then? Well, then they're shit outta luck.

If this is an actual offer that's on the table, I recommend that the Cavaliers jump on it. It sounds like they want Barnes and you can probably get him at #6. Then, you have the 11th pick to get another player that is ready to contribute right away. Someone like Perry Jones III or Tyler Zeller may be available to get a big body that can score the basketball. There's also a chance that Jeremy Lamb falls to #11, but I doubt it.

Once again, this is just a rumor from one source, so don't get carried away. But it's interesting. And worth discussing.