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Fear The Sword Podcast: Episode 1

Finally, we've got the first full edition of the Fear The Sword podcast. On this episode, John and I talk about the Cavaliers' options with the fourth pick in the draft and the future of the Cavaliers franchise as a whole. (Spoiler alert: we're really excited about the Cavs going forward).

Check out the Fear The Sword podcast here:

We were also lucky enough to have Ben Swanson, the editor at Rufus on Fire, join us and give some insight about the state of the Charlotte Bobcats. Since the Bobcats have the 2nd pick in the draft, their selection will have some impact on what the Cavaliers do.

Finally, we go over the upcoming NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The first section is the part with Ben joining us and then around the 28 minute mark, we shift to just talking Cavaliers with John and I.

I'm still working on getting it downloadable on iTunes, but for now you should be able to download from SoundCloud. Let us know what you think and what you'd want to hear from us in the future. If you have specific suggestions or ideas for guests that you'd like to see us try to get, feel free to comment, contact me on Twitter @conradkaczmarek or email me at