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NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Version 7.0

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With speculation circling wildly around basketball circles about who will round out the top five of the upcoming NBA Draft, ESPN's Chad Ford takes yet another look at how he thinks everything will play out.

More information has been released of the prospects after the combine last week and teams are probably getting closer to finalizing their boards.

After the jump take a glance to see who Ford has the Cavaliers choosing at 4 and 24.

4. Bradley Beal, SG, Florida:

As long as the Cavaliers select Beal, Michael-Kidd Gilchrist or Thomas Robinson (which they are guaranteed to have a chance to do should they stay at 4) I'll be happy with the pick. Beal fills probably the Cavaliers' biggest individual positional need as they have pretty much nothing at shooting guard.

24. Fab Melo, C, Syracuse

Yet again the Cavaliers are locked in on Melo in Ford's mind. The big guy would be expected to eventually take over the starting job in the middle from Anderson Varejao to hopefully form a devastating front line with lefty Tristan Thompson.