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NBA Rumors: Jamal Crawford Considering Cavaliers, Knicks, Heat


Jamal Crawford is a free agent this offseason and there have been multiple reports about the teams that he is interested. Sam Amico from Fox Sports posted today that the Cavaliers would appear on Crawford's list of desired landing spots.

Jamal Crawford has opted out of his contract with the Trail Blazers and entered free agency. Teams said to be on his radar include the Heat, Clippers, Kings, Knicks and Cavaliers. Crawford, 32, averaged 14.0 points per game last season. He was originally drafted by the Cavs with the No. 8 pick in 2000, then quickly shipped to the Bulls for Chris Mihm

Along with the Cavaliers, Crawford has expressed interest in signing with the Knicks, Heat, Kings, Clippers, and various other teams. In short, Crawford wants to play for a basketball team. Preferably one that is in the NBA. He's still a relatively effective scorer off the bench and if the Cavaliers spent their first draft pick on a guy with questionable offensive skills (such as Drummond or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist), Crawford may be a guy that could inject some life into Cleveland's offense.

I wouldn't count on this actually happening as I suspect he'll be more likely to sign with a bigger market team that is probably to make the playoffs. He averaged 14 points per game last year with Portland on just 34% shooting. That's, uh, not good. But currently the Cavaliers' starting shooting guard is....nobody, I guess. He also made $5 million last year. I'd prefer not to pay an inefficient 32-year old scorer that much money.