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Cleveland Cavaliers' Worst of the Century: Center

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Finally, the starting lineup of the worst members of the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2000-2001 on is now nearly upon us.

The last position we have to vote on is the center spot and there are definitely many worthy candidates. Prepare to be underwhelmed by their cumulative statistics with the Cavaliers after the jump.

Chris Mihm, 2000-2004: Mihm played 207 games with the team and scored 7 points per game along with grabbing 5 boards per night in his 20 minutes on the court. He started for most of two seasons. The most troubling thing about Mihm was he was a giant at 7'0 but he shot 43% from the floor with the Cavaliers. He actually did score and rebound pretty well per minute though for a center but he couldn't ever quite live up to his 7th overall pick selection with Cleveland or anyone else. His PER with the Cavaliers was better than you think at around 12.

DeSagana Diop, 2001-2005: The big Diop dropped played four largely unproductive years with the Cavaliers and shot just 36% from the field and scored just 310 total points with the team. In 11 minutes per game he scored 1.6 points and snagged 2.6 boards. He did block 0.9 shots per game in those limited minutes though. His PER with the Cavaliers was 7.7 and the team scored a measly 80 points per 100 possessions when he was on the court.

Ryan Hollins, 2010-2012: In 94 uneventful games in Cleveland, Hollins scored 4.9 points per night and snatched up 2.6 boards as well in his 16 minutes a game. As most people noticed, he was a very poor rebounder for being so tall, long and athletic. The numbers back that up as he averaged just 5.7 rebounds per 36 minutes as a Cavalier. His PER with the team ended around 10.0.