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Happy Father's Day

I haven't spent that much time in Cleveland. Sure, I was born there. But we moved away from Ohio when I was two years old. Needless to say, I don't remember much of Cleveland from those two years. Nowadays, I visit every once and a while...but still, I haven't really lived in Cleveland. Yet, I basically live and die with the Cavs, Browns, and Tribe. For this, I thank my dad.


(As you can see, I started very young.)

My dad did live in Cleveland. Cleveland was his home for a long time.

Like any young kid, I wanted to be like my dad. I sat down and watched football games with him while he screamed at each and every pathetic Browns team. He showed me pictures and videos of the Indians teams from the 90s that I was too young to truly experience.

Like any adult, I have changed a lot since I was a young kid. I'm no longer obsessed with Pokemon. I'm no longer obsessed with various trucks and toys. I am, however, still obsessed with Cleveland sports. That's something that is never going to go away. Someday (relatively soon), I'm going to be a completely independent adult. I'll stop living with my parents when I finish college. I'll move to a different part of the country and probably won't see my father as often. But this bond over the love of Cleveland sports? That's not going anywhere. It's something that I'll hold on to until I die. Whenever I think about these teams that we follow so avidly, I'll be brought back to my dad driving me to little league games. My dad passed down this love for these teams. He passed down a passion that has only grown stronger in his son. And I hope to do the same when I have a family. Sports are so much bigger than ourselves, yet they can be linked to a bond that is completely personal.

I haven't spent that much time in Cleveland. But it sure feels like I have.

Happy Father's Day.