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NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Looking To Add Lottery Pick

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It shouldn't be news to most of you here that the Cavaliers are aggressively trying to add another lottery pick in the upcoming draft. According to Joe Kotoch of, the Cavaliers have been calling lots of teams in the back part of the lottery in attempts to swing a deal.

Sources say the Cavs have expressed the willingness to absorb salary in addition to trading the 24th pick. A potential stumbling block with New Orleans is the Hornets insistence thus far to have Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor included in a deal for the 10th pick. According to one league executive the Cavs could get a deal done with the Warriors if they trade Anderson Varejao and 24 but that the Cavs are unwilling to pull the trigger on that deal right now.

The Cavaliers wouldn't have a problem taking in a bad contract in order to acquire a pick as they have plenty of cap space and need to reach the salary floor anyway. The last bit that Kotoch adds is quite interesting. I'm sure there's more to the deal, but the idea of trading Varejao and the 24th pick to the Warriors for the 7th pick is intriguing. In theory it sounds nice as adding that lottery pick would be pretty sweet. But when I think about it, I'm not sure it's the right move to make. After the 6th pick in the draft, there seems to be a pretty significant drop-off. With the 7th pick you're looking at someone like Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones III, Dion Waiters, etc. Are those guys worth getting rid of Anderson Varejao? I'm not so sure. And clearly, neither are the Cavaliers if they are hesitant to make that deal.