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Report: Cavaliers Will Match Any Offer To Keep Alonzo Gee


Alonzo Gee is a restricted free agent this offseason and the Cavaliers have expressed their desire to keep him on the team. There have been various rumors regarding the other teams in the NBA that may have interest in the athletic swingman. Among those interested are the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, and Boston Celtics.

According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports, the Cavaliers will likely match any offer in order to keep Gee. Amico mentions how the Cavaliers' selection with the fourth pick in the draft may impact their decision to keep Gee, but ultimately believes that it won't matter. The Cavaliers have plenty of salary cap space and believe Gee has potential to be a solid player for the future. Therefore, the Cavs will probably end up matching a pretty reasonable deal in order to keep Alonzo.

However, with an abundance of salary-cap space and appreciation for Gee's performance this past season, chances now appear slim that he’ll be playing anywhere but Cleveland in 2012-13 and beyond.

Under the new collective-bargaining agreement, the Cavs have three days to match an offer from another team. The CBA prior to 2011 allowed seven days.

I expect the deal to be around 4 years/$16 million and I think the Cavs would be wise to match that. If it gets any bigger than that, I'd hope that they would pause before committing that much money. It's true that Cleveland has plenty of cap room, but it'd be nice to keep that space for later when they have the ability to attract some better free agents and offer extensions to Kyrie Irving.