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NBA Draft Rumors: Cavaliers Looking To Move Up To #2 Pick

The Cavaliers-Bradley Beal love affair continues
The Cavaliers-Bradley Beal love affair continues

Once again, the Cavaliers are mentioned in rumors centered around the 2nd overall pick in the draft. According to Sam Amick from Sports Illustrated said that Cleveland is still trying to pry that #2 pick from the Charlotte Bobcats (h/t to Polomontana). Apparently the Cavaliers have fallen in love with Bradley Beal and would love to get him, but don't feel as though he is likely to get past the Wizards at #3.

As Charlotte continues to ponder its decision at No. 2, numerous executives expect the Bobcats to be approached by Cleveland (No. 4) about the possibility of swapping picks (if it hasn't happened already) in order for the Cavaliers to land Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal. While Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving is known to be a huge proponent of drafting North Carolina small forward Harrison Barnes, it appears Beal has shot up their big board just as he has so many others, and it's widely believed that he won't get past Washington at No. 3 if they don't make a move.

The Cavs have four picks (Nos. 4, 24, 33, 34), and those could be enticing to the Bobcats as assets should they decide to pursue both quality and quantity in this draft

Based on everything that I've heard up to this point, it sounds as if Beal is the #1 wish on the Cavaliers' list. After that, they seem to be pretty much even on Harrison Barnes and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

It will be interesting to see exactly how much the Cavs would have to give up in order to move up those two spots. I doubt they'd give up any players and they have three other draft picks. Would they be willing to give up the 24th pick in the draft just to move up 2 spots? I'm not so sure. Would giving Charlotte two second round picks make it worth their while?

In my opinion, I think the Cavaliers may be better off just standing pat. It seems pretty possible that MKG will fall to the 4th pick and that'd be a fantastic addition. I love Beal and think he would be absolutely phenomenal next to Kyrie Irving, but I'm not so sure it would be worth giving up other assets to get him.