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NBA Mock Drafts: Chad Ford Version 8.2


After skipping version 8.1, I present to you Chad Ford's latest mock draft which is updated through the trade between Washington and New Orleans.

There are definitely some big changes at the top of the draft as it seems Washington is singing a different tune than a few weeks ago.

After the jump check out the 4th and 24th picks by the Cavaliers. Both choices are different and we are going to need some people to help us with a scouting report on the player Ford has the Cavs picking at 24.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky: The versatile wing seemed poised to fall either to Charlotte or Washington for weeks so it is surprising to me that he falls this far. If he does though the choice is simple to me as he can help turn the culture around in Cleveland immediately by teaming with Uncle Drew.

24. Will Barton, Memphis: The shooting guard has a great mid range game and has apparently been rising quite a bit on many draft boards of late. If you've seen him play much or know much about him please post about it in the comments.