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The Official Fear the Sword Draft Party at the Q

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That's right, Fear the Sword is throwing a big, huge blow-out bash next Thursday at the Q to celebrate the NBA Draft. And best of all, it's totally, 100%, free. Free. FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

Starting at 6:00, the Q will open for a night of dollar dogs, games and Cavaliers personalities including Austin Carr, Campy Russell, Jim Chones and John Michael. There's also going to be a raffle for a ton of stuff like signed Cavs gear, a big screen TV and whatever the hell a Droid Xyboard is. I'm assuming that's some kind of tablet, but part of me hopes that it's some sort of awesome piece of robotics equipment that you can use to build some sort of robot butler.

What? You've never dreamed of having a robot butler? Dream bigger, man.

But anyways, this should be a ton of fun. Dollar dogs, the draft and Fear the Sword writers like myself and Patrick. You can reserve your free tickets here. This was a ton of fun last year, so I'm expecting this year to be the same.

In other words, if you're in the Cleveland area, you should come by, eat some dollar dogs, say hi and talk Cavs. It'll be a fun night. We'll coordinate plans for the meet-up in the comments below.

And I guess I should say that this is technically the Cavaliers Draft Party and we're just crashing. Whatever. We'll be the cool kid's club.