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SBNation Mock Draft: Fear The Sword Domination

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Over the past week, the bloggers at each of the SBNation sites have been emailing each other relentlessly to put together a mock draft. The manager of each site drafts as the GM for his or her team. It's pretty straight forward. Today, we finally got the whole thing finish and it is live: HERE.

Check it out, it's pretty fun.

Although you should read the whole thing, I'd like to be up-front when I tell you that Fear The Sword absolutely dominated this draft. Between me and David, we drafted two players that ought to contribute immediately to the Cavaliers. Honestly, this is damn near the best case scenario for Cleveland. See who FTS drafted after the jump.


Pick made by Conrad Kaczmarek of Fear The Sword

Much has been said about the Cavaliers' interest in Harrison Barnes, but that is somewhat overblown. In this case, the Cavs will happily take Michael-Kidd Gilchrist with the fourth pick. We weren't really expecting MKG to fall this far as many consider him the 2nd best player in the draft. With MKG, the Cavs get a tough, competitive player to fill one of their biggest holes. MKG adds much needed defense, athleticism, and should help turn Cleveland into a winning culture. His ability to attack the rim and finish in transition is exactly what Kyrie Irving needs. Did we mention that MKG and Kyrie played high school basketball together? This seems like a no-brainer.


Pick made by David Zavac of Fear The Sword

Arnett Moultrie would be an outstanding addition for the Cavaliers at 24. He has ideal size, rebounds well, and is more athletic than he is often given credit for. His jump shot is a strength, but causes him to hang out on the perimeter a bit more than is necessary for a big man. He would get serious minutes immediately for the Cavaliers, helping to fill out a big man rotation complementing Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson. Moultrie is perhaps more skilled offensively than either player. Moultrie and Thompson would have the athletic ability to turn into a formidable big man combination a few years down the road. Moultrie's decision not to participate in the skills drills at the Combine may have hurt him with a few teams, and there have been questions about his maturity at Mississippi State, but his production and athleticism makes him a great choice here.

What do you think?