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NBA Draft 2012 - Final Fear the Sword Big Board, 3.0

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Well, here we go. Draft Day has arrived, and for Cleveland sports fans, this is all too often the biggest day of the year, regardless of the sport. This may very well be the Cavalier's last chance to strike gold in the lottery, so they have to make it count. A contributor at 24, should they keep the pick, would be an added bonus. As always, the rule remains: anytime you find yourself down on a prospect, imagine them playing with Kyrie Irving. As always, these players are not ranked in a vacuum, but taking into account the Cavalier's needs, which are considerable. There wasn't a ton of movement between the last Big Board and this, but I tried to add where each player stands heading into the draft or a final thought before their pro careers begin.

1. Anthony Davis, University of Kentucky - At this point I am tired of having to read in mock drafts anything about the Hornets number one pick.

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, University of Kentucky - Ideally in my world, the Cavaliers would hang tight at the 4th pick and take MKG. Won't go later than 5, barring a miracle or disaster.

3. Brad Beal, University of Florida - Biggest riser after the combine showed he possesses all the height he will need to be an outstanding 2-guard. Will be the 2nd or 3rd pick, either for the Cavaliers or Wizards.

4. Harrison Barnes, University of North Carolina - Really good chance that Barnes is a Cavalier next season. While this is good, and I think he could be a fine NBA player, it would be a bit disappointing to see him taken before MKG.

5. Jeremy Lamb, University of Connecticut - All that buzz about Lamb possibly being in the mix at 4 with the Cavs really died down quick, no? Still think he will be a reliable secondary scoring option in the pros, and as good of a defender as he wants to be.

6. Andre Drummond, University of Connecticut - Excellent defensive Center ALREADY. And he is very young. And had a usage rate that was criminal. He is not Hasheem Thabeet. He can be outstanding. You would like to think he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder at this point. 3% chance the cavs take him at 4?

7. Thomas Robinson, Kansas University - I just don't see it. If Barnes goes at 2 to Charlotte, Robinson probably goes at 5 to Sacramento, and we take MKG. I call this the "best case scenario".

8. Terrence Ross, University of Washington - East Coast bias may be hurting Terrence a bit.

9. Dion Waiters, Syracuse University - Can absolutely attack the rim.

10. Tyler Zeller - University of North Carolina - This is a player who has really grown on me. Did you know he was the ACC Player of the Year? He rebounds, he shoots free throws, he is athletic and can run the court. If we somehow traded back up (and i know its just not going to happen) this is the guy I would want. Terrific size, and could really run with Kyrie and Beal/Barnes/MKG.

11. Terrence Jones, University of Kentucky -I can't shake this feeling that Terrence Jones is a better Derrick Williams. I can see him winning a 6th man of the year award at some point. He already knows how to assimilate with great talent.

12. Arnett Moultrie, Mississippi State University - Falling on teams boards because of maturity issues and failure to work out at the combine. Almost no way he falls to 24, regardless of how a couple mocks have turned out. I really like his game.

13. Perry Jones, University of North Carolina - Could fill the Cavs gaping hole at the 3. Emphasis on could.

14. John Henson, University of North Carolina - Apparently having some really good workouts. Would be interesting to see what Detroit does if Drummond, Henson, Zeller are still on the board at 9. Called a poor mans Anthony Davis. Just how poor he is remains to be seen.

15. Moe Harkless, St. John's University - Could go anywhere from 8 to 20. Stock has been rising but the kid is still really raw. Was on his bandwagon before anyone, and now that he is popular its causing me to back off a bit.

16. Quincy Miller, Baylor University - If the Cavaliers somehow trade up and get Beal without giving up the 24th pick and get Quincy Miller, I will pop out the champagne bottles.

17. Meyers Leonard, University of Illinois -Moving up boards. Will be interesting to watch careers of Leonard and Zeller after they have been worked out together so much in this process.

18. Austin Rivers, Duke University - Everything Austin Rivers does, Kyrie Irving does more efficiently.

19. Royce White, Iowa State University - Not the most efficient player, needs the ball in his hands. Anxiety disorder. Going to the Celtics?

20. Jeff Taylor, Vanderbilt University - I like Jeff Taylor. If the Cavs take him at 24, I will shrug my shoulders. And start wondering about Alonzo Gee's future with the Cavs.

21. Andrew Nicholson, St. Bonaventure - A solid choice at 24. In play anywhere from 16-25, it sounds like.

22. Fab Melo, Syracuse University - Allegedly good defensively? Really tall? I would be totally cool with someone taking him before we pick at 24.

23. Evan Fournier, France - His workouts lately have apparently underwhelmed. Still wouldn't mind taking him. He is young, and if nothing else would give us a reason to watch France at the Olympics.

24. Will Barton, Memphis - Rising on boards. Cavaliers could take him at 24, especially if they don't get Beal.

25. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State University - Probably worth the pick at 24. Good shooter, good rebounder, terrible defender, will get his shot blocked a lot.

26. Doron Lamb, University of Kentucky - In the second round, sure, why not. Could be an effective bench scorer. Daniel Gibson clone, with a little more size? I really can't believe he will be as successful off the dribble in the NBA as he has been in college.

27. Kendall Marshall, University of North Carolina - Plays the same position as Kyrie Irving. Higher than Lillard because if we wanted to play Kyrie off the ball a little bit, Marshall is a facilitator.

28. Damian Lillard, Weber State - Plays the same position as Kyrie Irving.

29. Tony Mitchell, University of Alabama - If the Cavaliers end up with Harrison Barnes and Fab Melo, taking Tony Mitchell with the 33rd pick would be a good way for me to salvage the night.

30. William Buford, Ohio State University - It is my top 30 and I will put who I want in it. NBA range from the outside, uses screens well, defends adequately. Doesn't have outstanding athleticism but his length is good. Is from South Toledo.

Bonus 31. Jared Cunningham, Oregon State University - Poor man's Brad Beal. Taking him with 33-34 would be great.

Others: Draymond Green, Festus Ezeli, Tony Wroten