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John's Talkin': Week 4


1. I must admit to being surprised that Boston and Oklahoma City have bounced back well so far. I will stand by the prediction of Heat in 5 and am now officially wrong with my Spurs in 5 pick. I expect Miami to essentially close things down tonight in Boston and take a 3-1 lead.

2. I really have no issue with getting the 4th pick. Nobody knows if Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Bradley Beal is actually going to be good and the same goes for the next group of guys such as Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes and Thomas Robinson.

3. The only person the Cavaliers missed out on was Anthony Davis. Other than that there's quite a drop off in talent from what I read and there is truly no consensus. When a situation such as this occurs, the person picked second has almost no chance of ending up the second best player in the draft. The same goes for the person picked third. I believe David (right?) pointed that out in either an article or in the comments this week. The fourth pick is just fine.

4. I'm still not super high on Tristan Thompson. Maybe on the future episodes of the podcast the writers of the site will have to try and convince me that he's legit. I guess at this point I'd rather still have Jonas Valanciunas. But, the big lefty is going to be a large part of the Irving era so I'm on board with him as long as he keeps improving. I'd caution people to not start with the future All-Star talk quite yet.

5. Don't ever waste a second of your life talking about NBA Draft conspiracy theories. I know I won't. In fact, I lose respect for people when I hear them talk about that stuff because it's all conjecture.

6. Who do you have in the European Championships? I'm taking Italy to lift the trophy.

7. The Tribe's early MVP to me has definitely been Jason Kipnis with Asdrubal Cabrera in second.

8. The family vacation to Cleveland has been pretty much booked. It's looking like sometime in August. Stay tuned throughout the summer and I may announce it a week or so before it happens so you can come sit with me for a few innings at a Tribe game.