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Cleveland Cavaliers Sign Kevin Jones, Invite Undrafted Free Agents to Summer League


After the draft, the players that don't get picked go into the pool of undrafted free agents. Sometimes, this is actually better because the players get several offers and have a choice of where they want to play. The Cavaliers will probably invite more and more players as Summer League gets closer, but so far they have invited Kevin Jones and Rob Jones (not related) to join them (and me) in Las Vegas.

Update: Former Temple Owls center, Michael Eric will play with the Cavaliers at Summer League.

I'll keep updating this thread as we get more information about these guys and find out about more invites.

It was kind of a shock that Kevin Jones didn't get drafted. He's a player that I liked a lot and had some productive seasons at West Virginia. sets his best case scenario as Udonis Haslem. That'd be a really solid pickup if he turns out to be that good. He's 6-8 and has a big 7-2 wingspan. He's not a freak athlete and he's a bit undersize, but he put up numbers in college. His final season at WVU, he averaged 19.9 points and 10.9 rebounds per game. While these are usually not guaranteed, it sounds as if the Cavs guaranteed at least part of a three year deal for Jones, which means he'll be on the roster to start the season, in all likelihood.



The other guy that Cleveland invited is Rob Jones. I know virtually nothing about him except for the fact that he declined a workout with Minnesota. No, not the Timberwolves -- the Vikings. He's 6-6 and apparently quite athletic.

For more updates about these guys, you really should follow Scott Schroeder on Twitter and read his blog, Ridiculous Upside.