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Cleveland Cavaliers Free Agent Point Guard Options


The Cavaliers have been linked to various point guards that could backup Kyrie Irving this offseason. One of their targets, Alexey Shved, has decided to sign with the Timberwolves (not surprisingly), so what's left for the Cavaliers?

Well, Jerryd Bayless has been rumored to be close to signing with the Memphis Grizzlies. He would have been a decent option as a backup guard, but he's no longer available. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers have been consistently linked to two guards: Derek Fisher and Jonny Flynn.

Neither Fisher nor Flynn is very good at basketball. Let's get this out of the way. Fisher is 38 years old and hasn't been productive in years. Flynn was once a very high draft pick by Minnesota, but was never really good at anything other than turning the ball over. So why do the Cavs want either of them? I don't really know. Maybe they see some flickers of potential in Flynn. Maybe they are attracted to the veteran leadership and championship experience that Fisher could bring to a relatively young locker room. Maybe they just want a terrible player so that Kyrie feels even better about himself.

Whatever the reason, I'm just not very interested in either of these players. Neither brings much to the table and Donald Sloan is probably as capable as either of them at this point. In the long run, this decision isn't a very big deal. At most, the Cavs would lean on their backup PG to play 10-15 minutes while Kyrie got a breather. Similarly, Dion Waiters can probably assume some of the ball handling responsibilities.

I come to you guys for some other ideas. Other than Flynn and Fisher, who could the Cavs get to play backup point? Are you content with Sloan as that guy? Should they continue scraping the D-League in hopes of finding the next Jeremy Lin? Keep in mind that they aren't going to get a very good player that would command big minutes. The starting job belongs to Kyrie and we don't want anybody good enough to take away a significant amount of his playing time. That means a guy like Jose Calderon, who may be on the move since Toronto got Kyle Lowry, is probably not on Cleveland's radar.