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Team USA Impressed With Cleveland's Kyrie Irving


We all know how good Kyrie Irving is, but apparently there are some people who didn't. Kyrie already got a ton of attention due to his ridiculous handles, but he got some more concrete compliments from USA Basketball's Jerry Colangelo, according to Sheridan Hoops.

"Kyrie Irving is a player that literally you could move from one court to the other court," Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo said, referring to shooting drills that have the Olympic team and the select team on adjacent courts.

Based on those comments, Colangelo seems to think that the Cavaliers' 20-year old could be playing for Team USA in the 2012 Olympics this summer. He's 20 years old. That's insane. Apparently, Kyrie also destroyed Team USA in a scrimmage, scoring 11 of the Select Team's 14 points in a victory.

But Irving, who had 11 points in a 14-11 select team victory on the first day of camp, has been consistently excellent, and although the next Olympics in Brazil is four years away, it may not be too early to predict that he has locked up a position on the team.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves, but I think it's pretty fair to say that Kyrie will be USA's starting point guard in the 2016 Olympics.