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Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets Discussing Sign and Trade for Antawn Jamison


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets are discussing another trade. While the potential deal involving Dwight Howard fell apart, the Nets came right back to Cleveland for their help acquiring another player.This time, the Nets want Antawn Jamison.

Both the Cavaliers and Jamison have made it clear that they are ready to go their separate ways. Jamison has drawn interest from several teams, including the Golden State Warriors and Charlotte Bobcats. In order for the Nets to get Jamison, Cleveland would have to help facilitate a sign-and-trade. Brooklyn is over the salary cap and cannot get Jamison without the aid of the Cavaliers. It was just yesterday that Ric Bucher reported how terrible the Cavs were to deal with, right? People ripped Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant for being unreasonable and childish, right? But the Cavs have something that Brooklyn wants and now they come running right back to make a deal -- interesting.

Marc Spears from Yahoo! Sports reports that the Cavs and Nets are seriously considering a sign-and-trade to get Jamison to Brooklyn. Basically, that means the Cavs would help Jamison get to Brooklyn in exchange for some minor assets. Think like a second rounder or the rights to Bojan Bogdonavic -- something very small. Because the Nets are over the cap, the Cavs would have to take back a contract to make them balance. I'm not sure who that would be... but possibly someone like Sundiata Gaines? Furthermore, not that it's my business, but I kind of wonder why the Nets want Jamison when they just agreed to sign Mirza Teletovic. Both are basically stretch-4s but, hey, whatever they wanna do. Who am I to question a team that gets to pay Joe Johnson $25 million when he's 35 years old?

Screen_shot_2012-07-11_at_11're telling me that the Cavs could get some sort of asset for Jamison...who was leaving anyway? I'll take that.