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Cavaliers Claim Jon Leuer Off Waivers

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According to reports from Jerry Zogda, the Cavaliers have won a waiver claim for power forward Jon Leuer. He played relatively okay his rookie season in limited minutes for Milwaukee. The Cavs will sign him to a deal and most likely just bring him in for training camp where he will have the chance to make the actual roster.

I'm not exactly sure why the Cavs would pick up Leuer when they have four quality bigs in Samardo Samuels, Tristan Thompson, Tyler Zeller, and Anderson Varejao. Regardless, Leuer is the newest player in Wine and Gold. We'll see where this goes.

Leuer was traded from Milwaukee to the Rockets earlier this offseason. The Rockets then waived Leuer and the Cavs beat out the Timberwolves for a waiver claim.

Here are Leuer's stats from his last season with the Bucks.