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NBA Daily Smörgåsbord of Links

This is a daily link type of situation. I'll be doing this from now on so that I can give you some extra NBA things to read during the offseason. Some will be Cavaliers related, some won't be. Enjoy them either way.

There will also be a random GIF in each post.


Cleveland Cavaliers' Byron Scott finds much good in a bad week |
The Plain Dealer thought Byron Scott should be much more upset than he was. I'm not sure why.

Keeping Andre Iguodala Doesn't Make Sense For Sixers - Liberty Ballers

Some Sixers bloggers think they should trade Iguodala. Maybe the Cavs should jump in?

A Blogger in Vegas: Part One - Pounding The Rock
One blogger's account on experiencing Vegas for the very first time (Part One).

SummerCavs 98, SummerKnicks 64 - Posting and Toasting
Seth wraps up the Cavs-Knicks Summer League game from the New York perspective.

Daily Dime - ESPN

Zach Harper hands out his Las Vegas Summer League awards.

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