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Report: Semih Erden Headed Back to Turkey

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It has been reported that Semih Erden will be going back overseas to Turkey to play basketball. Anadolu Efes signed the 25 year old center to two-year contract and he will not be coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


The Cavaliers extended a qualifying offer to Erden and made him a restricted free agent. That gave the Cavs the right to match any offer he may receive so that they could retain him. Unfortunately, it does not apply to teams that aren't in the NBA. Yesterday, the Cavs waived Manny Harris and today they lose Erden as well. While these weren't super important members of the team, they did take up roster spots. It will be interesting to see what moves the Cavs will make to fill those spots.

If Erden ever decides to come back to the NBA, he will come back as a restricted free agent and the Cavaliers will be able to match any offer that he may receive.