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Adieu L'Adorable

Getty Images

Many have doubted your talents and skills.

Against all odds, swirling doubts and constant adversity, you pushed on single-minded in your resolve.

Never giving up, you managed to find a home with the Cavaliers.

Not one to waste an opportunity, you seized your moment and earned a callback for another year.

You proved your worth, but alas, fate was about to intercede.

Hearing news of the lockout, you began to train elsewhere, looking for any edge you could get.

An awful accident in an experimental Nike Gym left your foot horrendously freezer burned.

Ravaged by a lingering infection, you found yourself cut from the roster and having to start over again.

Regardless, you found your way back onto our team, and back into our hearts.

In the end, the Cavaliers have decided that Dion Waiters is the shooting guard of their future,

So best of luck, and I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon.