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Kyrie's Summer Lovin'

After coming out with the infamous Uncle Drew commercial for Pepsi Max, challenging Kobe to a 1-on-1 game, and just being generally amazing in Team USA practices, Kyrie Irving has had a summer to remember. So you'd probably think he was done for the summer.

Think again, courtesy of the folks at WFNY:

So that happened.

Kyrie apparently is a big musical fan, having performed in one in high school. I think we can forgive him for it having been High School Musical, although I'd have a hard time doing it for anyone else. As far as his performance in this video is concerned, he actually stays on pitch pretty well, and much better than anyone else on the show.

Although I almost had a heart attack when he went to clap his hands together, I think this was a great little bit of fun, and a perfect song to encapsulate Kyrie awesome summer (personality-wise). Plus, can anyone imagine a certain #6 ever doing something like this?