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Cleveland Cavaliers' Best Power Forward of the Century: Carlos Boozer

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Current Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer has been chosen as the best power forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers since the turn of the century. He took 51% of the votes and defeated both Antawn Jamison and Drew Gooden.

The oft injured Boozer spent six years in Utah before signing with the Chicago Bulls in the summer of 2010. Expected to be a key addition in the Bulls charge toward taking down the Miami Heat, Boozer has been good when spectacular was called for from Bulls fans.

His costly contract has hampered the Bulls at times and has been a part of the reason the Bulls stellar bench has been tore apart this summer.

In Utah he had a couple great seasons with Deron Williams and led the Jazz on a strong 2006-2007 playoff run which took the team to the Eastern Conference Finals where they ultimately were smashed by the San Antonio Spurs.

Boozer has been selected to two Western Conference All-Star Games and has scored 10,817 points during his 635 game career.

His Cavaliers numbers are after the jump.

Carlos Boozer, 2002-2004: Even though he left under some pretty bad circumstances, Boozer played 156 solid games while averaged 12.6 points, 9.4 rebounds, 1.6 assists and nearly a steal and block per game while being one of the brightest young players in the NBA. He even shot 53% from the floor. His PER was a solid 19.5 even though he was just 21 and 22 during his time with the Cavaliers. It was very unfortunate that Boozer wasn't around for the prime LeBron James days.