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CJ Miles is Apparently a Pretty Awesome Dude, You Guys

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CJ Miles: Chillbro Baggins
CJ Miles: Chillbro Baggins

Look, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I watched a lot of Utah Jazz games last season. Odds are, if I was staying up until 1:00am to watch some Western Conference basketball, I was going to be watching a team like the Thunder. Or the Spurs. Or the Clippers. Or the Grizzlies. Sadly, the Utah Jazz would be close to the bottom of the list of teams I was interested in watching last season.

I say sadly, because apparently I've been missing out on the fact that CJ MIles is apparently a pretty cool dude. A chill bro, even. How am I just now discovering this? Because I started following him on Twitter.

First of all, we need to discuss his Twitter handle, @masfresco. Yes, his Twitter handle is Spanish for "more fresh". Awesome. Whereas most professional athletes go towards some lame Nike created nickname (@KingJames), some lame combination of team or jersey number which will inevitably change at some point in their career (@Hoya2aPacer or @KDTrey5) or just complete gibberish (Tony Allen's @aa000G9), CJ picked something that is catchy, original and pretty creative. Thumbs up all around.

And then there's the stuff he tweets about:


First of all, if you don't get the reference, you need to stop whatever it is you're doing and go watch every episode of Community you can find. Back? Good. Now you can start to see why CJ Miles is so awesome, Community is awesome. Specifically, Troy and Abed are awesome. Their combination handshake/clap thing? Also awesome. Trust me. I've successfully pulled that off once and it felt awesome. Go find a friend. Do that. You feel how awesome that was? Yeah, CJ gets it.

A few more Community tweets later, and Conrad has noticed the same thing:


I jump in (and yes, I changed my Twitter handle to @CavsFangelo, I know, it's genius):


And then, more proof that CJ Miles is in fact awesome:


I'm officially going on the record and saying that if this ever happens, I'm buying a custom "Mas Fresco" Cavs jersey this season. Please give me a reason to make that happen, CJ. Please. If I had to guess, I'm thinking that you will.

{Ed. note: the awesomeness of CJ Miles has caused me to change the tagline on the blog banner. Check it out.}