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NBA Offseason: What The Heck Is Going On With Alonzo Gee?

Look at Antawn Jamison's face. He has NO idea what Alonzo Gee is doing. Neither do we, really.
Look at Antawn Jamison's face. He has NO idea what Alonzo Gee is doing. Neither do we, really.

So, I'm back from my family vacation (it was very nice, thanks for asking -- although we went to the beach and not Cleveland, like John) and shockingly (not shockingly), nothing has happened with regards to Alonzo Gee. Last week, the Cavaliers and C.J. Miles agreed to a two-year deal (and no, I still don't know the financial figures on that deal, although I've been told that it's quite affordable) but we weren't sure how that would impact the Gee situation.

If you browse the interwebz, you'll see some things about Gee and his agent being displeased with the Cavaliers' offer despite the fact that a qualifying offer is simply a calculated number and it would be foolish for the Cavs to submit a multi-year deal if no other team has signed Gee to one, as he is a restricted free agent. You'll also see some quotes from Gee and his agent saying that signing the qualifying offer is a real possibility. In that scenario, Gee would play for the Cavs this upcoming season and make roughly $2.7 million. At the end of the season, he would become an unrestricted free agent.

At this point, Cleveland seems content to wait this thing out and bring back Gee for just one year if they have to. They aren't going to offer a multi-year contract and bid against themselves -- that's just bad business. I've talked to a couple people and none of them really seem to think that the Miles signing will impact the Cavaliers' situation with Gee. If you're looking for expert insight on this situation, look no further than Fox Sports' Sam Amico and his incredibly bold prediction:


Be careful out on that limb.

It is my educated guess that both Gee and Miles will be on the Cavs roster on opening night. Whether or not Gee is inked to a longterm deal remains to be seen, but I'd suspect he won't be. Ultimately, the Cavs and Gee both have plenty of time to work this out. There's no urgency to get this done as they have more than a month until training camp starts in September. While the Cavaliers haven't made any huge splashes this offseason, it's been a solid one. They had a nice draft and with the pick ups of Leuer, Miles, and Pargo, they may have added some decent depth as well.