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Report: Cavaliers Sign Kevin Jones

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The Cavaliers have officially signed undrafted free agent Kevin Jones, according to a report from HoopsHype. We had already known that the Cavs had come to some sort of an agreement with Jones and his agent, but apparently there was no contract signed until now. He was on the Cavaliers' Summer League roster but was not in attendance due to an injured foot.

"The Cavaliers hung with Kevin during his (foot) injury, which is great," Neff said. "The injury set him back during the workout process. He is healthy now."
Jones averaged 19.9 ppg and 10.0 rpg in his senior year with the Mountaineers and was named to the All-Big East 1st Team

Truthfully, I don't think this is anything that we didn't already know. The Cavs had an agreement with Jones and this was just making it official. The report claims that the deal is partially guaranteed, but the actual terms of the contract are not included. For now, I would assume that this contract does not mean that Kevin Jones will necessarily be on the Opening Night roster. Samardo Samuels and Jon Leuer also have contracts with the Cavaliers and play the same position as Jones. My guess is that two of those three guys makes the team.

Jones is a somewhat undersized power forward without much bounce. And before you ask, no, he cannot play small forward.