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Quick Poll: Cavaliers' Biggest Rival?

If you haven't noticed, during this offseason Wednesdays have been a day that the whole SBNation NBA network works on a common theme. We've done the 3-on-3 tournament, the biggest disappointment, along with some other things. Today each NBA site will be writing about their team's biggest rivalry (with another team in the league).

I did some crowdsourcing on Twitter last night but figured I'd get a more definitive answer here. Who would you consider the Cavaliers' biggest rival? In the 80s it was certainly the Bulls. In more recent years it has been the Pistons, Wizards, or even Celtics or Magic.

So, go ahead and answer the attached poll and then I'll write a post about whoever y'all vote as the Cavs' biggest rivals. Feel free to write in a team in the comments if they aren't an option in the poll.