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SBNation United: SOON.

Several days ago, we unveiled the new logo for Fear The Sword and hinted at the total SBNation upgrade called "SBNation United." Unfortunately for you at the time, I didn't really give you any idea of what SBNation United meant. I have now been given the green light and can give you some sort of idea of what's coming at you SOON.

How soon, you ask? SOON.


Read after the jump for a general idea of what SBNation United means and some screenshots of the new layouts...

The updates focus on some general things to improve site quality. For instance, our tech and development teams worked incredibly hard to make sure that the new pages will load faster and run better (fewer crashes, not as bogged down by high volume times, etc.).

Similarly, the site will look TOTALLY different. There will be far less clutter and content will be presented in way sleeker, more professional, and creative ways. You'll be able to navigate to old stories, game threads, and sections far easier than you can now and I'll be able to feature really important news in more effective ways.

I know that some of you (read: all of you) are wary of the idea of change to something you know so well. But I 100% guarantee you that this is change for the better. Virtually every single facet of the site has been improved in some way. I'll have the ability to provide up to the minute analysis and coverage without pushing a feature article all the way off the front page. FanShots and FanPosts will be featured more readily, instead of being pushed off to the side. It may take a bit of getting used to, but we'll be here to help you guys along the way. I'm totally confident that after a little bit of time with the new set-up, you'll agree that it's an enormous improvement.

Another thing that SBNation United will provide is accessibility on all devices. You know how the iPhone app used to show you something different than the site on a full-sized computer? That's gone. The new layouts will display the same content and adjust to whatever type of device you happen to be reading Fear The Sword on.

Ultimately, SBNation United will enhance the blog experience in a number of ways. At SBNation, the goal is to create the best possible communities and provide you guys with the best content we can. You know the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Screw that. SBNation wasn't broken. I love this site and I love Cavs community that we've created in the past year -- but we can be better. And we will be. When SBNation United is finally unveiled, it's gonna be awesome.

Are you pumped? Man, I'm pumped. Now check out some screen shots. I'm more than happy to answer any questions that you guys have, so leave em in the comments.