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2013-14 Twitter recaps

Cavs vs. Pelicans: FACE TATTOO

The Cavs lost to the New Orleans Pelicans, but Anthony Bennett broke out.

Cavs trade for Luol Deng: The Twitter Experience

The Cavs traded for an actual NBA small forward. Seriously. Someone that is good!

Cavs vs Pacers: Twitter Experience

The Cavs lost to the Pacers in the dumbest way possible, but Dion Waiters is awesome.

Cavs Vs Magic: The Twitter Experience.

The first rule of Dion Waiters Fight Club: Don't talk about Dion Waiters Fight Club. Especially if you're Andrew Nicholson.

Cavs Vs Nuggets: The Twitter Experience

CAVS WIN CAVS WIN. Exploring Cavs twitter after an awesome victory.

Cavs vs. Celtics: This team really sucks

Leave me alone.

Cavs vs. Timberwolves: The Twitter Experience

The Cavs lost by 29 and everything sucked. Well, not everything sucked, just the Cavs and almost anything related to them.

Cavaliers Vs. 76ers: The Twitter Experience.

The Cavs played the 76ers (TWICE!). People tweeted about it and stuff.

Cavaliers Vs. Timberwolves: The Twitter Experience

CAVS WIN! CAVS WIN! We called our shot early and were probably super instrumental to the Cavs pulling this out. Woooooo!