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Cleveland vs. Denver Final Score: Nuggets devour Cavs 98-91

'Twas a sad, sad day in Cavalier-land. In a role-reversal for the ages the Nuggets ordered the Cavs and devoured them with the voracious appetite of a thousand starving children with no regard for their own health.

Chris Chambers

The Cavs blew what looked to be a promising victory when they fell behind in the 4th quarter to the Nuggets, losing in tried and true Cavalier fashion, 98-91. Kosta Koufos, of all people, destroyed the Cavs, shooting 10-17 en route to 21 points and 6 boards. I can't say I didn't see this coming, but it was disappointing nonetheless, as the Cavs blew a great first half, which they lead in its entirety.

Final - 1.11.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Cleveland Cavaliers 30 26 20 15 91
Denver Nuggets 23 22 27 26 98

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As for good things, there were some. Tristan started off absolutely beasting, scoring 10 points right off the bat. He's improving in leaps and bounds on offense, and it's showing up in the boxscore, as he went 8-13 for 16 points and 7 boards. Denver's length definitely bothered him and the rest of the Cavaliers at times, though, as JaVale McGee often grabbed some ridiculous loose balls due to his equally ridiculous length.

Alonzo Gee was pretty much the worst thing ever, going 1-7 and ruining a couple fastbreaks, as he is wont to do. Kyrie Irving had a respectable 28 points and 7 assists (all of those assists coming in the first half), but did so on 11-26 shooting. Eh. Not so good. Oh, and let's not forget what a dumpster fire Tyler Zeller was on offense, shooting 1-6 for 2 points. Bleh. Surprisingly, Tyler was not awful on defense, starting off with some excellent swats and peppering in some well-funded charges.

I'll leave you on a good note, as Dion Waiters had another solid game off the bench, going 6-12 (6-13 really, but I'm discounting the desperate 3 he took at the end) for 18 points. He only took 3 or 4 bad shots this game, which is a marked improvement over some of his recent outings. Plus, he even made a couple of contested layups. For realsies!

Also, shouts out to @WayneEmbrysKids who attempted the most heroic of feats, taking on the self-appointed task of defeating the Nuggets all by his lonesome by eating as many chicken nuggets as the Nuggets scored points. Alas, from what I can tell, he fell in glorious, saucy battle, slain on a field of cheap plastic and suspect white meat. May your soul ascend to the planes of poultry heaven, you brave, noble soul.


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