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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers possibly interested in signing Greg Oden

Greg Oden is apparently trying to make a comeback to the NBA. Could he return to the great state of Ohio?

Jonathan Daniel

Former Ohio State Buckeyes superstar, Greg Oden is apparently looking to make a dramatic comeback to the NBA. We all know the story of Oden. He was an amazing big man prospect and has played dominant basketball --when he has been healthy. Multiple knee injuries have plagued Greg Oden's career, but he's not quite ready to walk away from the game that he loves, according to Fox Sports Ohio.

According to the report (take it with a grain on salt though..), the Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the teams that could be interested in Greg Oden.

So forget the three microfracture knee surgeries for now. Plenty of teams are lining up to take a crack at the 7-footer. The short list reportedly includes Boston, Miami, Cleveland and Dallas.

It doesn't appear that Oden has plans to play this season, but he'd want to sign with a team as soon as possible so that he could play next season. Considering the home state ties and the enormous amount of cap room that the Cavs have, I think it'd actually be a pretty nice fit. Of course, the Cavs wouldn't be the only team willing to sign Oden. The Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, and Miami Heat are all interested as well.

What do you think? Should the Cavs make a run at Oden? It's worth a shot, right?