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NBA Trade Rumors: Cavaliers open to trading Omri Casspi, Daniel Gibson, and Marreese Speights

The Cleveland Cavaliers just made a rather significant trade with the Memphis Grizzlies. But it sounds as though they may not be done just yet.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Trade rumors! Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers made a great trade last week, ESPN's Marc Stein suggests that Chris Grant isn't done making those moves.

The trade with the Grizzlies brought Wayne Ellington, Josh Selby, and Marreese Speights to Cleveland. Selby got sent down to the Canton Charge to get some playing time, but Speights and Ellington both played key roles in Friday night's win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Despite that, the Cavs are willing to keep moving guys.

Don't be shocked if the Cavaliers decide to move Speights on again before the Feb. 21 deadline.

The Cavs obviously aren't in the playoff hunt and word is they're already receiving interest in Speights, who possesses a $4.5 million player option for next season. The Cavs are also armed with $12 million in expiring contracts and roughly $4 million in leftover cap space for the summer, which means they've got the tools to continue to be active before this deadline.

Since the Cavs aren't trying to win this season, moving Speights to a playoff team that needs another big man could bring a nice return. I'd like to keep Speights for his energy, value, and ability to give Tyler Zeller some help down low. But if the Boston Celtics were to offer their first round pick for him, you'd have to take that, right? I'm not saying that the Celtics are interested or would give up their first round pick -- but such an offer would definitely make Chris Grant think.

It's reported that Daniel Gibson and Omri Casspi are also on the trading block. A team such as the Denver Nuggets could use some outside shooting and the salary relief that the Cavaliers can provide with Luke Walton's expiring contract. Nothing is imminent and these are just trade rumors (which I know everybody loves), but it's something to keep an eye on.