Some troubling statistics about Dion Waiters

If I'm reading this right, and I like to think that I am, Dion Waiters has exactly ONE "and 1" basket all season. This is according to Synergy Sports Technology.

Dion also gets the ball while cutting 1.9% of the time. He receives the ball coming off of a screen 2.4% of the time.

Dion is the primary ball handler in the Pick & Roll 37.3% of the time and he runs ISO 19.1% of the time. Dion is a spot-up shooter 15.8% of the time.

So, our young rookie shooting guard who has a very difficult time finishing at the rim, is not aided by any play sets what so ever. He runs an ineffective PnR set, or he goes ISO one out of every 5 times he touches the ball. His PPP for his ISO sets is 0.7. His PPP when running the PnR is .64, which is somehow WORSE than his ISO that we all complain about.

What Dion does best is spot-up shooting where he averages 1.23 which is good for 23rd in the NBA. if we give these statistics any weight,(need to keep in mind I don't believe many if any of these statistics have converged yet) Dion needs to catch and shoot more, and drive to the basket less, which is completely counter-intuitive to me.

The most disturbing statistical trend I see is that Dion catches the ball while cutting literally about twice a month. This means he is standing around on offense almost every play if he does not have the ball in his hands. This statistic is not going to significantly change from 1%, there are enough samples to determine a range and it will not grow to over 5%. Dion is NEVER getting easy buckets in our offense.

While I understand some of this is growing pains, Coach Scott has to share a lot of the blame. I am really losing patience with him and if the Cavaliers do not significantly improve in the second half, I would really like to see a new coach on the bench next season.

Our complete lack of scheme on offense is inexcusable to me. Hero ball on half our possessions is inexcusable to me. Dion is young and struggles at times, but we never do anything in our offense to make it easier for him.

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