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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls Final Score: Bulls drop Cavs 118-92

See Cavs play Bulls. See Cavs lose to Bulls. Rinse, and repeat. Cleveland went on the road and hung in there in the first half before completely falling apart in the third quarter. Honestly though, when you play Derrick Rose's team you really shouldn't feel shame with a loss. What? He didn't play? Oh, well then.


The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Chicago Bulls 118-92. Nate Robinson went off in the second half, because of course he did. The Cavs got careless with the ball. No one is really excused. Letting Tristan Thompson go to work in an iso situation with Joakim Noah just isn't really where his game is at right now, but that is what the offense became. The fourth quarter was essentially a formality, and Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson didn't even play.

Final - 1.7.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Cleveland Cavaliers 30 20 22 20 92
Chicago Bulls 22 31 35 30 118

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The Cavaliers had shown some heart as of late, and even a commitment to defense. This was one of those steps backwards. Late in the game Carlos Boozer got hot and couldn't be stopped. That sucked. I know I am breaking my rule of acting like the sky is falling after a tough game. It isn't. We didn't have Varejao and the Bulls frontcourt is very good. It makes sense that our young bigs would have trouble guarding. Looking at the guys we have getting serious minutes, well, this result makes a lot of sense. It has to turn around soon, though

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