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Free Agent Review: C.J. Miles and Jon Leuer

The Cleveland Cavaliers were very very quiet in free agency last season. But let's see what they did and how they did.


So if you look around SB Nation's NBA blogs, you'll see everybody analyzing and reflecting on this past offseason. Some teams made more major free agent signings and made huge deals to re-sign their own guys. The Cleveland Cavaliers were not one of those teams. Instead, the Cavs were extremely conservative and spent money on....C.J. Miles and Jon Leuer. And that's it. Anywho, let's see how it went.

In the summer, the Cavs gave C.J. a very small and extremely friendly deal. He makes just $2.5 million this year and his next year's contract isn't even guaranteed. After a horrific start to the season, Miles has really turned it on. He's currently the Cavs' second best scoring option (this is not a good thing). His three-point stroke looks awesome and when he plays within the offense, it works well. What doesn't work well is when C.J. decides that he's Kevin Durant and starts taking tons of jumpers off the dribble.

Recently, Miles moved into the starting lineup and pushed rookie Dion Waiters to the bench. While it's disappointing to see Dion come off the bench, it really helps Miles. When the Cavs signed Miles, Byron Scott was really excited about him because of what he does well and how that fits in Cleveland's offense. He comes around screens and shoots off the catch particularly well. We've seen that in recent weeks as he is draining tons of jumpers and his form is virtually perfect when he doesn't have to dribble.

At this point, it's looking more and more like the Cavs will keep C.J. next year as well. Hopefully, he ends up being a strong leader of the second unit as Waiters becomes more comfortable in the NBA and is ready to be a starter. But for now, Miles is doing a nice job as a complementary scorer next to Kyrie Irving.

The Cavs also signed Jon Leuer. He ended up being released last summer after a solid rookie season with the Milwaukee Bucks. Myself and several other writers at this site were excited about Leuer joining the Cavs and being a nice player of the bench. Unfortunately, he has done nothing. Coach Scott has pointed to a lack of confidence as the reason that he hasn;t been able to secure consistent minutes in the Cavaliers' rotations. As a result, Leuer has bounced back and forth between Cleveland and the Canton Charge. The season isn't over, so there's still hope for Leuer to prove that his productive rookie year wasn't a mirage.

And that pretty much sums up the Cavs' free agent signings. Here's to hoping next offseason is a bit more eventful.