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Cavaliers Preseason: Anthony Bennett goes off in 4th, what can we take away?

Anthony Bennett played an excellent final six minutes of basketball against the Magic. Should we take anything away from it?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

So Anthony Bennett decided to go HAM in his second preseason game, and scored 14 points in the final six minutes of the Cavs' 110-105 victory against the Magic. Here's a nice little video, compiled by the illustrious Matt Moore of CBSSports:


First off, I salute Matt's use of the nickname "Big Daddy Canada" and I'm all for that becoming a real thing. Second, the question you're probably asking is what does it mean?

Well, luckily I'm here to tell you that this means absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. Not to burst the bubble or act negatively, but it's just that there is nothing to garner here. To begin, it's preseason. We just watched CSKA Moscow defeat the Timberwolves and take the Spurs to overtime this week as the NBA tries to get back into shape. While I do think that CSKA would give the Sixers a run for their money over an 82 game season, preseason is simply a different beast as teams try to round into in-season form.

Also, it's not like Bennett showed us a whole lot that we hadn't seen already. Anyone that's watched a considerable amount of him knows that he excels from the triple threat position, where he can either get to the rack against bigger opponents due to his fluidity and ball-handling skill or use his excellent touch to knock down midrange jumpers. He did show off a bit better footwork in the post than I had seen during his time at UNLV, but overall none of what he did was too surprising. To quote Dennis Green, he is who we thought he is right now, and that's both good and bad.

Let's just take a step back, take a breath, and let him play himself back into shape. It's an encouraging sign, but he wouldn't have gone number one overall if he didn't have this skill in his game.