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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Bobcats: Preseason Finale

The Cavaliers travel to Carolina for their final preseason game.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to bounce back from their fourth quarter meltdown last night; in the final game before they start to count.

Who? Cleveland Cavaliers at Charlotte Bobcats

When: 7:00 eastern time

Where? Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte North Carolina

Where on my eyeballs? Fox Sports Ohio


Things are finally, kinda, sorta, looking better for the Bobcats. Al Jefferson will help them win some games. However, it probably won't be enough to make the playoffs. But at least they won't be this bad anymore:

Ode to the Charlotte Bobcats: Don't Stop Believing (via TheSportsWillRockYou)

I couldn't resist.

Probable Starters

Cleveland Cavaliers:

PG - Jarrett Jack

SG - Kyrie Irving

SF - Earl Clark

PF - Tristan Thompson

C - Anderson Varejao

Charlotte Bobcats:

PG - Kemba Walker

SG - Gerald Henderson

SF - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PF - Cody Zeller

C - Bismack Biyombo

What to watch for the Bobcats?

Last time these teams met Cody Zeller came in off the bench, tonight he gets the start and will give the Cavaliers a glimpse at one of this years top picks. It will be interesting to see how Tristan Thompson matches up against a more perimeter orientated big man, rather than the more traditional post players he's been facing lately.

I'm also excited to see the next chapter in the great debate of Kyrie or Kemba. I'll also be looking to see how Kidd-Gilchrist looks tonight. He didn't show much in the last time these two teams met, but it'll be interesting to see if he has improved at all in this offseason and can start to approach the level that people thought he could play at when he came out of Kentucky.

What to watch for the Cavaliers?

I'll be watching to see how well Kyrie moves off the ball when playing at the SG position next to Jack. I was fairly impressed with his ability to come off screens and knock down open jumpers last game. If this is something Mike Brown can pull out a couple times a game, it could be a great asset for the team. A few easy buckets to get Kyrie going might be exactly what the team needs from time to time throughout the season.

It will be interesting to see how Anthony Bennett responds from what was probably his worst game so far this preseason. Will he be able to get back into his groove and continue to be a positive for the team coming in off the bench?

I also will be looking at the SF battle again tonight. This will be the last chance before the season for Alonzo Gee and Earl Clark to make an impression on Mike Brown. So far it's looked like Gee has been the better of the two, so I find it interesting that Brown is going with Clark again tonight. It's possible that he's showing something we haven't seen in practice, and is just pressing when trying to translate that to the game. Either way, one of them will need to step their game up in order to give the team the presence it needs from their SF position.

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