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Cavaliers Poetry: Dasagana Diop Dropped Like He's Hot

As it turns out, the storybook homecoming of Desagna Diop wasn't meant to be. After being drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2001 and floating aimlessly throughout the league, it appeared as if Desagna Diop's career was over. Just when things looked their bleakest, a surprise invite. The team that brought him into the league had invited him to their pre-season roster. One last chance to make it in the NBA. One last chance to show Cleveland that he was worth that first round pick. One last chance that was blown.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

A first round draft pick

Averaged two points per game.

Cleveland basketball.


Gilbert Arenas,

Zach Randolph, Tony Parker,

All went after Diop.


Labelled as a bust,

Diop wondered throughout the league,

Wound up in Charlotte.


While not a good thing,

The Bobcats made history.

The worst team ever.


His career was dead.

Twelve seasons of hot garbage.

Forty million cash.


To good to be true?

Invited back to Cleveland

Happy homecoming?


Played a few minutes.

Did not impress anyone.

Did not make the cut.


Career may be dead.

Never made a big impact.

Dude still made bank though.