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Kyrie Irving shines in shortened Wine and Gold scrimmage

The Wine team won 46-38 in an abbreviated game Saturday afternoon.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was fun while it lasted. The Cavs played a short scrimmage on Saturday afternoon that was called off in the third quarter. After Tyler Zeller suffered what appeared to be a minor knee injury, Mike Brown decided that there was too much moisture on the court to continue playing. Hopefully the Zeller injury is nothing serious.

Kyrie Irving lead the Wine Team in scoring with 17 points, while Tyler Zeller lead the Gold Team with 13.

Quick thoughts.

  • Earl Clark looked very impressive in this contest. His length and effort really seem to be disruptive to opposing teams. He also was a lot quicker than I expected. I think Alonzo Gee should be pretty worried about his starting spot.
  • Anthony Bennett isn't in game shape yet. He is going to really need to put in some work, now that he is medically cleared, in order to get into proper conditioning for this season. I felt despite his physical shape he actually still seemed to do a good job fighting for, and securing rebounds. If he can rebound in the NBA as well as he did in college, the Cavs will be one of the most frustrating teams for the opposition with their relentless work on the boards.
  • Dion Waiters is sculpted like a Greek god. He looked as though he was in fantastic shape in this scrimmage. Austin Carr also pointed out how he is no longer fading on his three point attempts and how this is something that Bennett must implement in his game as well.
  • It was really nice seeing Anderson Varejao back on a basketball court. Let's all be happy about that.
  • Jarrett Jack is a pro. It's evident that even beyond what he will do in games for the Cavaliers, he will push this team consistently in practice and should help elevate the play of Kyrie Irving. I can't think of a more perfect veteran to help this team on and off the court.
  • Everybody was pretty rusty. Two-a-days all week probably meant they were pretty tired as well.

My final thought is that Mike Brown is not a fan of the Commodores. Hopefully things stay much drier for the Cavaliers throughout this season.

Slippery When Wet - Commodores (via BigMTown5 901)