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Fear the Sword Night at Quicken Loans Arena for Cavs vs. Bulls

Hey do you like basketball? Do you want to watch the Cavs play against the Bulls with some of your fellow Fear the Sword readers? Let's do it!


What will you be doing on November 30th, 2013? If the answer is "I don't know, Conrad," then I have an idea for you. How about going to Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland, Ohio to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers play against the Chicago Bulls?

Why am I suggesting that you go to that specific game? Because it's FEAR THE SWORD NIGHT AT THE Q.

For that game on November 30th between the Cavs and Bulls, we're going to get as many FTS readers and writers down to Quicken Loans to watch the game together. Because you read Fear the Sword and are part of this awesome community, the Cavs are hooking us up with some discounted tickets and have reserved a few sections of seating for us so we can all sit together and be awesome. The tickets start at $39 (which also includes all you can eat hot dogs, soda, nachos, and other stuff) and I suspect that most people will do that. But there's also some more expensive options if this is the only Cavs game you get to go to and you want to have better seats.

So how do you get involved with this night that most certainly will be awesome? Check out this handy flyer or just follow this link.


For those of you that will be going, we can also organize some sort of meet-up before the game at a restaurant or bar. This night will be truly great if we get as many people as possible to go, bring some sweet signs to hold, and make sure that the FTS section is the loudest section is the stadium.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me at or contact Mark Schoppe with the Cavs (his contact information is in the flyer). Mark has been extremely helpful and will definitely answer any questions that you have.