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Reports: Players only meeting leads to locker room confrontation, Dion Waiters involved

The Cavaliers have been losing games in ugly fashion. Turns out things might be ugly off the court as well.


The most important thing to do in a post like this is make it as clear as possible that we know very little about what goes on behind the scenes for the Cavaliers. I have been in the locker room, interviewed players, and have a great respect for the people that cover the team. They have a tough job. You get limited access, you get fed misinformation, and even when people aren't trying to push you in the wrong direction, they usually have some sort of an agenda.

So what we end up getting are bits of information, but rarely the full story. In this case, I believe the story starts on Tuesday, when Akron Beacon Journal writer Jason Lloyd hinted at a story on Dion Waiters that he was working on.

The Waiters pick will always be compared to Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond. Waiters has been erratic, but seems to be settling into a rhythm the last few games. He told me before Monday’s game he recently had a heart-to-heart with his agent, Rob Pelinka, that helped clear his head. He is averaging 19 points in his last four games and is shooting 45 percent during that stretch. He has also played better defense lately.

* Something has just looked different about Waiters lately, it just looks like something is clicking with him. "It’s my attitude," he said. "A couple talks I had with my agent talking about some things just motivating me. I was letting the game get me so frustrated."

* Waiters said the team’s struggles were getting to him and "dumb things like, "I’m not touching the ball this many times.’"

At the time, this could be taken in two ways. On one hand, Waiters seems to have a new attitude. So great! On the other, wait, Dion was mad about his role? This is news. But if progress was being made, can't jump to conclusions. Plus, his play on the court has been better. His three pointers were coming off of catch and shoot opportunities and not off the bounce. He hasn't had success at the rim, but it was a small sample size.

Then, last night, Dion Waiters sat out with a mystery illness. After the game, Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio hinted that Waiters had lost his starting spot, and hinted that more was going on behind the scenes.

An aside to all this is what's going on with Cavs shooting guard Dion Waiters.

He was listed as questionable (and ultimately sat out) with what’s being called an illness. But word is it goes deeper than that -- and sources said even if Waiters had been healthy and played, he has lost his starting spot to C.J. Miles.

Today, Brian Windhorst took it further, indicating that a players only meeting had led to tempers flaring.

The Cavaliers held a players-only meeting following Wednesday's 29-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, multiple sources told But the meeting got contentious, and players confronted each other, according to sources.

Once this report broke, Amico added to the reporting:

And that is where we are with the Cavaliers heading to Washington to take on John Wall, Brad Beal and Nene. Dion Waiters isn't traveling with the team and we still don't know why. We know Waiters had chafed a bit at his role and wanted more shots, but after talking with his agent had come down off of that position. We know Waiters was involved in a confrontation, but we don't know who else it involved. We know Waiters isn't going to Washington, don't know why.

Here is Emmett Golden, whose twitter account indicates he covers Ohio State football: