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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards Final Score: Cavs get first road win in overtime, 103-96

The Cavs battled the Wizards in a tight one to gain their first road win of the season. It was fun.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers went on the road to play the Washington Wizards hoping to get their first road win of the season. I'm getting really tired of writing that. FORTUNATELY I DON'T HAVE TO WRITE IT ANYMORE BECAUSE THE CAVS WON, 103-96 IN OVERTIME.

The Cavs are dealing with some serious off-the-court issues. We're still waiting to find out more information about this supposed confrontation that occurred at a players only meeting earlier in the week. Dion Waiters didn't make the trip to Washington and it seems like things aren't particularly great in the Cavs locker room. It's understandable, considering how bad this team has played so far this season.

I don't have a ton to say about these games other than pointing out that they aren't very fun right now. The offense is still a work in progress (that's putting it lightly) and the defense is super inconsistent. But here are a few thoughts...


Kyrie Irving went bananas in the second half and overtime. It was really nice to see. This team looks so much better when Kyrie Irving plays like a superstar. Who knew? He dropped 41 and it was a joyous event.

Andrew Bynum rejoined the team after missing two games due to some family matters. It's very clear that the team is trying to run the offense through him when he's out there. That's also a work in progress.

Tristan Thompson is pretty fun. His numbers haven't been spectacular so far this year, but he's pretty fun. I like him.

Earl Clark played pretty well tonight. He made some jumpers and was pretty active defensively. I'm starting to like what he can do to help the team.

Matt Dellavedova looked pretty decent, actually. He got a ton of minutes. It was a little bizarre, but I'll take it.

Anthony Bennett didn't play at all. What the heck? Why not?


Jarrett Jack scored a layup when it was clear that the Wizards weren't going to foul anymore at the end of overtime. Bradley Beal really didn't like it. It's the dumbest controversy ever.


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