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Dion Waiters returns to practice, denies confrontation; starting role unclear

Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters is back with the team after missing two games.


Dion Waiters missed the last two games for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but was back to work at the team's Monday practice. Whether he will keep his role as the team's starting shooting guard was left up in the air.

After reports surfaced over the weekend about a players only meeting confrontation between players that occurred after the Cavaliers blowout road loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, several (many) observers wondered aloud whether Dion's absence from the team was related. Some even speculated that perhaps Kyrie Irving's nasal fracture was the result of a physical altercation from the team meeting.

The last bit of speculation would appear to be silly. From Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico:

Still, it isn't all roses for Waiters.

Scott Sargent of Waiting For Next Year got some good comments from Waiters:

So there we have it. Some players on the team had some things to get off their chest, it happened, and people appear to be in better spirits because of it. While I feel a bit better, remember that Waiters probably wasn't going to answer these questions in any other way. He wasn't going to be vocal (with the media) about being upset with his role, or about what went on in a closed-door player's meeting. We still know very little about what is going on.