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Matthew Dellavedova will start, C.J. Miles out vs. New Orleans Pelicans

The Cavaliers are doing some interesting stuff with their lineup vs. the Pelicans tonight.

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Miles replaced Dion Waiters in the starting lineup a few days ago. In Wednesday night's loss to the Washington Wizards, he played just three minutes before leaving the game with some soreness in his leg. He has been battling some issues with his calf and thus will miss the Cavs' next two road games including tonight against the New Orleans Pelicans.

So if Miles isn't with the Cavs, that means Dion Waiters gets his spot in the starting lineup back, right? NOT SO FAST.


After Mike Brown praised Dellavedova for being the only player who gave consistent effort against the Wizards, the undrafted rookie will starting alongside Kyrie Irving.

Now, Dellavedova has certainly played well in his brief time with the Cavs. He plays within the system and goes all out no matter what. It's what we're looking for from every player on the roster. The problem is that he isn't very athletic and probably not as talented someone like Waiters. So can he continue to have success as a guy that just hustles and does his job? I guess we're about to find out.

I'm sure Dion Waiters isn't too happy about this. An undrafted rookie is starting over the former #4 overall pick? It will certainly be interesting to see how he handles this. Will he use it as motivation to get his act together or will he just sulk?