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Fear the Sword night at the Q this Saturday! Let us know if you are coming

The Cavaliers host the Bulls on Saturday, March 30th. Fear the Sword will be there. You should too!

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

We are a week away from Fear the Sword night at the Q. The Cavaliers hooked us up with a pretty cool deal to get all you can eat food and drinks (of the non-alcoholic variety) and watch the game with the people you follow the team with. You can still get tickets through the deal, and follow these instructions from our original post on this to do so. This is one of those things that will be more fun if we can get as many people as possible there. Not an active poster, but you read all the time? Come to the game with us. Great time to meet everyone.

Writers Ryan Mourton, Patrick Elder, Angelo Benedetti and myself will all be in attendance. The game starts at 7:30 ET and the Cavs play the Bulls. Ohio State and Michigan play at noon that day so there will be plenty of time to watch that and recover before heading to downtown Cleveland.

This post is mainly about organizing plans and hopefully getting a roll call together of who plans to be there. I will leave Toledo around 3:30 (or whenever Ohio State is done humiliating the Wolverines) and get to downtown Cleveland around 5:30.

While this can change if I get enough vetoes, my idea is for us to all meet at Harry Buffalo across from the Q around 6:00. This is a family friendly place where people can eat or drink or not drink and not feel pressured or left out. The only other place that really seems like it would work to me is the Winking Lizard.

Please try and let me know by Wednesday whether you think you are going to make it so that I can call ahead to Harry Buffalo and reserve a table or space. My assumption is that we shouldn't have trouble getting 15 or so people, but it may end up being a bit more than that. If you have any questions or anything, ask me or Conrad. If people hate the idea of Harry Buffalo, let me know. I do think it has a nice area upstairs to accommodate us.

After the game, if we want a full plan where everyone sticks together that is fine or everyone can do their own thing. No big deal either way.