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Final Score: Cleveland Cavaliers mentally miss flight to San Antonio, lose 126-96

This game didn't go very well.


This team doesn't deserve a recap. I get that the San Antonio Spurs are the reigning champions in a conference that just continues to get better. I get that they employ Gregg Popovich, who remains master to the apprentice Mike Brown. I get that Tim Duncan is a top 10 NBA player of all times, while Kyrie Irving strives to be a top 10 player in the current times.

I get that this was a road game against a true title contender. I get that we have a new coach. I get that we have strange pieces in a hurry to try and work things out. This, though, was a disaster. It was. I don't think I am being dramatic. The team was down by 43 points in the third quarter. No one came ready to play. No one. This is a team that starts an undrafted rookie, despite having spent a ton of money on combo guard Jarrett Jack this summer, and a number four overall choice on Dion Waiters the summer before that.

That isn't a knock on Matthew Dellavedova. I hope he has a long NBA career. He probably deserves to play, I guess. But him playing is not a good reflection on the Cavaliers.

Nor is the fact that it took so long for Anthony Bennett to get into tonight's game. Bennett scored a bunch of points. 9 of them! On only five shots. I have said that teams are leaving him wide open to shoot and that eventually he was going to make them. He did tonight. This is a genuinely good sign. He had five turnovers, though. He doesn't really have anything else to his game right now. He can't dribble around people, doesn't seem to be able to elevate over anyone. But hopefully teams start guarding him when he shoots and we can see if he develops other parts of his game.

I am looking at the box score and there is so much blood. Do you want me to talk about Alonzo Gee, who played 16 minutes, didnt take a shot, free throw, get a rebound, or get an assist, but turned it over once and fouled twice?

Do you want to hear about Tristan Thompson who was one of eight from the field and couldn't defend?

What about Andrew Bynum, who had a nice little stat line but was lost defensively and disinterested? Yeah, the rim protection from his first couple games has gone on hiatus.

Mike Brown is on my television calling this an old fashioned behind kicking. Yes it was, Mike. He is talking about their culture, their longevity, and how the Spurs don't happen overnight. He hopes the team learns.

Is there a single guy you think played well, Mike?

His answer was no.