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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat Final Score: Cavs burn out vs. Miami, lose 95-84

The heat was on as the Cavs cliche'd their way to a loss against the Miami Heat.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Lava. Fire. Pyre. Flame. Space-heaters. Induction ranges.

These are all things that produce heat. Notice how the Cavs are not included. They could not manage to light the fire needed to ignite a victory over he Miami Heat. It was exciting at times and painful to watch at every other juncture, but to be fair, it wasn't the worst game I've ever watched. So that's something. In the end, the Miami Heat took down the Cavs, 95-84.

This game followed some insane hooplah over the prospects of Dion Waiters' future on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reports abounded that he was being shopped by the Cavs' front office like a 1980s Corvette from a brand new father.

And, of course, Dion came out and was the Cavs' best player on the night. He drove to the hoop with reckless, yet controlled abandon. He took smart spot-up 3s. And that's all he did. And it was perfect. It was exactly what everyone wants Dion to be.

But of course, on the night Dion would finally grasp his true place on the court, Kyrie Irving would have one of his worst showings of the season. He looked completely lost in the offense, unable to hit spot-up shots and unable to hit anything of his own creation. If you only watched this game, you would think the Cavs would be trying to trade Kyrie instead of Dion.

I can say that I'm honestly worried now about how poorly Kyrie has played so far. It's insane that he has barely flashed a single thing that made him so special over the last two years. If he keeps this up, an All-Star berth would be entirely unwarranted for him.

Basically everyone else was bleh to meh. Sergey Karasev played a little more than usual and wasn't totally useless. Andy had a couple flashes while simultaneously reminding us he's not the player he was last year. Alonzo Gee, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Bynum and others were barf-worthy, even though Bynum started off strong.

The only other bright spot besides Dion was Earl Clark, who hit several spot-up three-pointers and generally looked good within the offense. He's shooting around 47% on 3s so far this season, making him well worth his contract so far.

I don't feel like writing anything more. This loss was dumb, the Cavs sucked for the most part, and somehow they didn't lose by that much to one of the best teams in the league. I don't know what to make of it. Maybe we suck, maybe we're getting better. It's impossible to tell.

Hopefully at some point the Cavs put it all together. If not, you can find me at the bottom of Lake Erie.

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