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Cleveland Cavaliers intro video for 2013-14 season

Miss the intro video on opening night? We've got you covered.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have become relatively well-known for their pre game intro videos. In the past they've had some pretty great ones. When they kicked off the 2013-14 season against the Brooklyn Nets, they unveiled their newest intro. It's entirely Cleveland themed, which is cool. It's also got some sweet flashing lights and stuff.

Personally, I think it's pretty awesome. It gets me pumped for the game and I don't mind the music choice. I love how they include plenty of highlights and have the original play calls by Fred McLeod and Austin Carr in there. Throughout the season, they'll update the intro with newer highlights. Once we get some more games under our belt, I'm sure there will be some sweet Kyrie Irving moves and Anthony Bennett dunks thrown in there.

It's gotten mixed reviews, but for the most part is seems like people enjoyed it. I'm sure it's even better when you're at the stadium with 20,000 Cavs fans and there's fire shooting out of the scoreboard.